Wednesday, September 14, 2016

God! How could you possibly be a homophobic?


If you are a homophobic

then how could you be a God?

A God is all seeing and all knowing.

And if you can contemplate it all!

You'd be able to reason the insignificance of homosexuality in the higher order of things.

because you, being omnipresent, could observe us from any corner of the universe.

and watch us from a billion miles away amongst the infinity of the cosmos, 
like a speck of light.

understanding how inconsequential we are

and realizing that independently of those who here suffer, Earth would still shine beautifully for those who observe it from the far reaches of space

but you would know better!
The eyes of a God, omnipotent,
could quantify love
as a measure of light

Mysterious photons
that would all
in a dot combine!

Gender would mean nothing.

because from those distances, from that superior level, it couldn't amount to less!

But the natural order of things is altered!

Refutes a voice invisible to the cosmos.

But you would know better!
And how wrong it would be.

Because we are no more than a fading breath that will soon, in cosmic time, cease to be. And when that happens the universe will continue.

And what could a union the voice called perverse, in it corrupt?

How could it even matter?

because after pleasing their bodies under profound mutual love

after what some called an abomination...

The Earth still span around the Sun and the Sun kept irradiating life!

The bonds of the atoms that quantified love were not broken, tearing us to pieces! and the cells of our hearts did not stop contracting!

The miracle was not fouled!

How many times will Earth be extinguished and reborn...

You will watch it through the infinity of time

...through the passing eons, whens stars trace their paths on the firmament, scratching white the darkness of space and turning it into a blinding sea of photons

credit: Vincent Brady

Then you will know that all expressions of love were part of a whole!

How wrong were those who forbade it!

Because they, who called that kiss unnatural believing it was not worthy of Existence, of You! were so blind!

Molecules of water in their saliva
stayed united!
oxygen and hydrogen
continued their route in the miracle of life
recycled by time!
gave drink to a thirsty mouth
germinated a seed
and sprouted from a heart!

You remained unharmed.

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